2 weeks complete

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I am done to 219lbs after 2 weeks of eating better. I feel pretty damn fine too. Other than that first crash, no headaches or migraines since I started and I just feel … good. Look, I’m no doctor or dietician and maybe its just my mind playing tricks on me, but I can not argue with results. I cut out the wheat and sodas and I feel different in a good way. Yoga has been fun and I feel a better from that as well. I plan to add cardio type stuff like bike riding to my program soon too. I know a lot of people had tried getting me to do other things a little faster, but I like doing things my way. My problem is that if at any time this becomes too hard to do, or less enjoyable, I am very likely to quite at a moments notice. I don’t think that I need to go to the gym daily or do insane “ab ripping, ass flexing” exercises. Our bodies were not built for that. I firmly believe that you create something that you can keep doing forever. If you do 2 hours of gym a day to keep your body in shape, what happens when you stop? Or do you plan to burn hours of your life off in the gym forever? Time will tell for me.

Catching up

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It’s been a week of cutting down on sugars and being wheat/gluten free (ish). Since last Sunday it’s been black coffee, unsweetened teas, and water. Lots of water. The amount of liquid calories and sugar I’ve cut by not drinking soda is crazy. Or not I guess. I was a 3-4 bottle a day Dr Pepper guy.

I’ve successfully cut gluten out too this week. While not 100%, all I did have was 3 bites of a flour tortilla (how else to get the fish taco into my taco smasher?).

Breakfast was a fried egg, some bacon and fruit, had yogurt for a snack, made a chicken salad that had sunflower seeds and toasted almond slivers, and then dinner consisted of some pulled pork and broccoli from Smokey Bones. I resisted the cornbread. But lemme tell ya. It. Was. Tough.

The winning part is going from 229 to 221 this week. Good times. But the start is always easy. We shall have to see what’s gonna happen in the long run.



Today’s 3 things.

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Today’s three positive were a stretch. Closing stores is never fun and its worse knowing the people that are out of jobs. I guess I should be happy it isn’t me.

1. Watched a nice sunset this evening while out with the camera.

2. It did not rain like they forecasted.

3. The Fresh Market had fresh figs. Figs! Lol. Yeah lots of sugar but two of them helped a lot today I think.

Tonight’s dinner was 9oz pork shops, spinach salad with almonds, peas and sweet potato fries.


Crashing hard

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I knew this morning when I woke up that something was amiss. Right on schedule it seems is my crash. Either from lack of carbs or sugar, I feel like I’m in a fog today. Slight headache too. It’s not too bad. It means my body noticed something is up. Breakfast consisted of bacon and eggs. I did not get a morning snack and it was about 5-6 hours before I ate lunch, which was leftovers if last nights ricotta-almond-spinach stuffed chicken and broccoli.

The sugar and carb monster is stirring inside. I popped an aspirin and drank about 40 oz of water while home eating lunch.

I guess I will go walk a few miles. I need to go recruit for a while. That’s a few laps around the mall. Afterwards I will head to the beach and walk a few more.


Stay positive

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1. There was 0 tunnel traffic coming home from Chesapeake.

2. Have not shopped for stuff to start eating well, but tossed together a nice chicken breast stuffed with spinach and ricotta that was pretty tasty.

3. Purchased a sweet 50mm prime for my d600. Should be in Thursday.

Well, this is a pretty terrible blog.

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No really. Maybe I can change that though. First of all is project 180. Failed. Miserably. It was from a lack of trying though. Its been a crazy 2 years but I can not let shit get in the way of this. I need to get healthy. I’m going to try to go grain free and sugar free for a while. I started on Sunday. It is not going to be a paleo diet, just a grain free diet and a sugar free (or less sugar at least) with some exercise tossed in and eating better. Hell, tossing out bread means a lots less food coming through a window. Being 225ish pounds is not where I want to be. I am not a group type person, so getting involved in a group is not what I want to do. I have had a few invitations to join beach body and the other ones, but I don’t think my personality type will let me do that.

I also think I will post some of my photography here. I post stuff on Flickr every now and then but I think my posting here it will track what I am doing and hopefully show improvements in my skills. We will see I suppose.

Carter at 3ish months.

Carter at 3ish months.

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