Cod fish with orzo and braised veg

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Tonight we alter and test a meal from Blue Apron. I appreciate that they give you recipes even if you do not order their food. I have tagged a few that I would like to try later. 

I was in a rush tonight after work so I did not have a chance to take any photos of what I had during prep. It was prep and cook as you go kind of a night.  

This is what they show. Seems easy enough. 

My alterations:

  • No onions. (We’ve talked about that.)
  • I used orzo instead of frego since it did not seem to be readily available (it wasnt staring at me from the shelf.)
  • I forgot to garnish with the parsley at the end. Like I said… In a rush. 
  • 5oz of fresh green beans (ends trimmed and cut down in half)
  • About 6 green olives (chopped)
  • Crushed red pepper and some garlic salt. Whatever tastes good to you. 

I tossed some water in my pot and started a boil for the orzo. In my skillet I gave it the good glug of olive oil to start warming up. While that’s happening I prepped my beans. Tossed them into the pan and get them going for about 2-3 minutes until they start to tender up. Add in some tomato paste and stir until it gets all angry red. Chop my tomato and then toss that in with the beans. Add the red pepper and garlic seasoning, about 2 tbs of red win vinegar, 1/2 cup of water. Cook 10 minutes and wait for it to thicken up. While that’s cooking I toss my orzo in. About 8 minutes. They should finish up about same time as the veg. 

The fish is easy. Pat it down and dry it off. Season with just salt and pepper. 

Pull my orzo and drain. The vegetables are done so dump in a bowl and set aside. Wipe the pan out and in goes another glug of oil. Toss in the fish. 
Now wait. 
Be confident of your cooking. Know what temp works best for what you’re cooking. All too often i would ruin fish or meat by checking it and flipping a million times. Have faith. 3 minutes, ease your flipping instrument of choice under and… Flip. 3ish more minutes on this side. While its cooking I spoon some of the oil over top and toss a little butter on top. Spoon. Spoon. Spoon. That’s it. Should be looking crispy brown. Spread the orzo on a plate, move the fish on top and then top with your braised veggies you set aside. 

So how did it look?

Not EXACTLY like the pic but the taste was good. This fell right into my 30-40 minute window for cooking and was tasty. We gave it a 4, we could eat this once a month if not more. 

Have you made this (or anything else from Blue Apron? How did it turn out?

Spicy spaghetti sauce

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I was cleaning out the cabinet the other day when I came across a recipe for sauce on the back of a red wine vinegar bottle. Feeling in the mood for pasta, figured why not?

 My changes:

  • More bacon. I think. I used about 8oz before cooking. 
  • No onions. If something calls for onions, 90% of the time, I’ll skip that ingredient. Tonight, that statement holds true. 
  • Red pepper flakes “to taste.” A little heavy handed on the flakes tonight, but it ended up tasting like a spicy vodka sauce, and… we like spicy. 
  • Two garlic instead of 3. I used minced garlic, which is about a clove per 1/2 TSP. 

I decided to save a pot tonight and cooked everything in my Nordic Ware pot. I started with the bacon and sliced it before instead of after. I figured this would let it cook down well, keep all pieces relatively the same in crispness, and save from cutting after it cooked. I forgot how long it can take to heat up the cast iron pot and over medium I let the bacon cook for a good 30 minutes, starting by adding the bacon to the cold pot.  

Now if you make this a few key things. First, after adding the red wine vinegar the sauce will be super thin. And super red wine….y. Winey? I was worried that I had missed something at first. But that’s where patience pays off. After 30 minutes of a nice brisk simmer, the sauce had thickened up and the red pepper/bacon goodness came out. 

Outcome: good. Again pretty spicy but you can use less.  

A little toast and some fresh Parmesan and we have dinner. 

Rating: on a scale of 1 (never) and 5 (can I eat this every day?!?!!) I would say this is a nice 4. I would make and eat this monthly. 

Starting over. Again. Again. 

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I guess I’m  the typical internet person who thinks “let’s do this!”  It can’t be that hard to make a blog and write on it a few times a week. 

It is. This isn’t my first. Or second. Or third attempt. Not really a blog, but in the late 90s I had a site that was into spreading concert recordings. Ran a few sites actually. Then had a blog or three. 

I will try to resurrect this one again to do what I said before.  Track some of my food/recipes. Post some of my photography. And wax poet about nothing. 

This was dinner a few nights ago. Parmesan mayo crusted chicken. Not bad. I can see myself making this every few weeks. 

On the health front things slowed down for “project 180.” I was down to about 192 at my best. Losing focus and such, I wandered back into the 200s. Back on track and positive movement have me at 198, so at least back on the right side of 200. 

While I dont expect to get to 180 (I feel like 190 was a nice size and “feel” for me) it is still a goal to shoot for. Maybe I’ll get closer and decide to stop at 185. 

Catching up

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It’s been a week of cutting down on sugars and being wheat/gluten free (ish). Since last Sunday it’s been black coffee, unsweetened teas, and water. Lots of water. The amount of liquid calories and sugar I’ve cut by not drinking soda is crazy. Or not I guess. I was a 3-4 bottle a day Dr Pepper guy.

I’ve successfully cut gluten out too this week. While not 100%, all I did have was 3 bites of a flour tortilla (how else to get the fish taco into my taco smasher?).

Breakfast was a fried egg, some bacon and fruit, had yogurt for a snack, made a chicken salad that had sunflower seeds and toasted almond slivers, and then dinner consisted of some pulled pork and broccoli from Smokey Bones. I resisted the cornbread. But lemme tell ya. It. Was. Tough.

The winning part is going from 229 to 221 this week. Good times. But the start is always easy. We shall have to see what’s gonna happen in the long run.



Today’s 3 things.

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Today’s three positive were a stretch. Closing stores is never fun and its worse knowing the people that are out of jobs. I guess I should be happy it isn’t me.

1. Watched a nice sunset this evening while out with the camera.

2. It did not rain like they forecasted.

3. The Fresh Market had fresh figs. Figs! Lol. Yeah lots of sugar but two of them helped a lot today I think.

Tonight’s dinner was 9oz pork shops, spinach salad with almonds, peas and sweet potato fries.


Crashing hard

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I knew this morning when I woke up that something was amiss. Right on schedule it seems is my crash. Either from lack of carbs or sugar, I feel like I’m in a fog today. Slight headache too. It’s not too bad. It means my body noticed something is up. Breakfast consisted of bacon and eggs. I did not get a morning snack and it was about 5-6 hours before I ate lunch, which was leftovers if last nights ricotta-almond-spinach stuffed chicken and broccoli.

The sugar and carb monster is stirring inside. I popped an aspirin and drank about 40 oz of water while home eating lunch.

I guess I will go walk a few miles. I need to go recruit for a while. That’s a few laps around the mall. Afterwards I will head to the beach and walk a few more.


Stay positive

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1. There was 0 tunnel traffic coming home from Chesapeake.

2. Have not shopped for stuff to start eating well, but tossed together a nice chicken breast stuffed with spinach and ricotta that was pretty tasty.

3. Purchased a sweet 50mm prime for my d600. Should be in Thursday.